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Adara yachts was born in Sardinia from the project of two experts in the maritime sector, which sees the application of an innovative management system for luxury yachts, superyachts and catamarans. Developed over a three-year period of work, the new system makes up for significant shortcomings in terms of safety and ensures owners can enjoy their yacht in total serenity and without worries. Among the services offered we ensure charter management. Our main goal is to offer our passengers an unforgettable holiday experience to discover the coastal wonders of the whole world.
The company grows quickly and expands by increasing its offer and increasing its fleet. The opening of new territorial bases strengthens the service network, making any remote destination reachable.

Work with us

If you want to collaborate with us or become part of our team, leave your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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At ADARA Yachts, our love for the sea in all its forms has driven us to develop a rigorous green policy and a ten-year plan aimed at achieving important environmental goals. Committed to compliance with the MARPOL International Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution, we have implemented work systems compliant with these regulations in order to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

On board our vessels, we make exclusive use of zero environmental impact products, ensuring that every aspect of our operations contributes to the sustainability and conservation of marine ecosystems. This commitment drives us to constantly seek innovative solutions and eco-friendly technologies to minimize the impact of our activities on the marine environment.

Our 10-year plan guides us in making continuous improvements, aiming not only to comply with international regulations, but also to exceed sustainability expectations. With this proactive approach, we want to help preserve the sea for future generations, ensuring that the beauty and richness of our oceans are kept intact for all those who share our passion for the sea.

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