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The coasts of Northern Sardinia present a variety of natural and historical characteristics. White sand beaches and secluded coves alternate along the coast. The Costa Smeralda offers exclusive bays and green hilly landscapes. Along the coast, you can observe ancient Nuragic ruins and watchtowers, testimony to the rich history of the region. The sea waters take on turquoise hues, while rocky headlands outline the horizon. The coasts of Northern Sardinia offer a unique experience for sea and history enthusiasts.



Exploring Southern Corsica means venturing into a world of extraordinary natural beauty and rich history, with particular attention to Bonifacio. Along the coasts, there is a succession of enchanting beaches and majestic limestone cliffs, creating a breathtaking scenery. This city, overlooking the Mediterranean, is a true jewel, with its narrow medieval streets and historic sites that tell centuries of history.

The marine landscape offers a unique experience with crystal clear waters, ideal for exciting excursions in a tender to discover sea caves and remote coves. Bonifacio's old port adds to the charm, with its restaurants and shops inviting visitors to immerse themselves in local life.

Ports of embarkation

Cala dei Sardi

Cala dei Sardi

The Port of Cala dei Sardi welcomes your boarding with tranquility and comfort thanks to its easy accessibility and strategic position which allows you to quickly reach the Maddalena archipelago and the entire Costa Smeralda. It offers a wide range of services, including restaurants and clubs, making the start of your trip even more relaxing and enjoyable.

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