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Managing and supervising the nautical operations of a yacht can be very complicated. Adara yachts allows you to best protect your investment, through a management system designed specifically for owners. Safety, comfort and transparent administration are the cornerstones that make our system unique. 

Enjoy your yacht, Adara Yachts will take care of the rest.


Yacht administration includes compliance with flag charges (mini-ISM), and requirements imposed by international conventions such as SOLAS (&ISM), MARPOL and STCW. 

This service includes accounting management, essential to verify that the costs of the yacht are kept within the established budgets.

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The crew is the key to the proper maintenance and management of the yacht. We will provide recruitment with highly qualified personnel in possession of the qualifications required by the flag, we will organize the payroll service, adequate shifts and constant training aimed at always guaranteeing high standards in on-board operations. Furthermore, the system MLC of Adara, structured to comply with the requirements of the international convention.



For yachts used in commercial activities, each element is specifically designed: Marketing and advertising, professional images, hospitality and customer care, organization of complementary services and galley. 

By studying a specific marketing campaign and structuring a unique internal design of the yacht, we will increase its visibility, achieving high commercial goals.  

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the technical management of the yacht is fundamental for maintain it always efficient and thus reduce costs related to extraordinary maintenance. To achieve this goal we apply on board a system called PMS (planned Maintenace System) which uses software to monitor and organize maintenance operations, guaranteeing high standards. The crew can count on unlimited assistance in case of need or failures.


The carrying out of on-board operations, whether technical or hotel-related, must be supported by a shore based system that provides the crew with all the tools to offer a high quality service and operate safely. This is the task of our Fleet Support Centre, a center specifically developed to monitor the activities carried out on board the managed yachts and offer 24-hour assistance to the crew on board and to our customers anywhere in the world.

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