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Yacht management

Management services


ADARA yachts is based in Italy with worldwide partners, in order to offer our services everywhere in the world. Our main bases are in Sardinia, Liguria and Abruzzo regions. 





The coasts of Northern Sardinia have a variety of natural and historical features. White sandy beaches and secluded coves alternate along the coast. The Costa Smeralda offers exclusive bays and verdant hilly landscapes. Along the coast, you can see ancient nuragic ruins and watchtowers, evidence of the rich history of the region. The waters of the sea take on turquoise tones, while


Exploring Southern Corsica means venturing into a world of extraordinary natural beauty and rich history, with particular attention to Bonifacio. Along the coasts, there is a succession of enchanting beaches and majestic limestone cliffs, creating breathtaking scenery. This city, overlooking the Mediterranean, is a true jewel, with its narrow medieval streets and historic sites that tell centuries of history. The marine landscape offers a unique experience with crystal clear waters, ideal for exciting excursions in a tender to discover sea caves and remote coves. Bonifacio's old port adds to the charm, with its restaurants and shops inviting visitors to immerse themselves in local life.

Who we are

Adara yachts was born in Sardinia from the project of two experts in the maritime sector, which sees the application of an innovative management system for luxury yachts, superyachts and catamarans. Developed over a three-year period of work, the new system makes up for significant shortcomings in terms of safety and ensures owners can enjoy their yacht in total serenity and without worries. Among the services offered we find charter management. Our main objective is to offer our passengers an unforgettable holiday experience to discover the coastal wonders of the whole world. The company grows quickly and expands by increasing its offer and its fleet. The opening of new territorial bases strengthens the service network, making any remote destination reachable.


"We were on vacation on a catamaran chartered via this charter service, and the experience was outstanding! The catamaran was clean and comfortable, the staff professional and knowledgeable. We sailed along breathtaking coasts, snorkeled and enjoyed spectacular sunsets. The flexibility of the program and the availability of the staff made our holiday unforgettable."


S/Y Sbronzo, summer 2023

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"An unforgettable catamaran charter experience! We spent a week exploring hidden islands and bays. The catamaran was spacious and well equipped, with a friendly crew that made us feel safe. The charter service exceeded our expectations, offering a personalized experience and attention to detail that made our holiday a real dream."


S/Y Taipan, summer 2023

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